The Tobago Anthology

Anthologist: Camryn Bruno 

Open for Submissions: TBD

Expected Publication Date: TBD

Payment: Contributor's Copy + (Price TBD)

This is one of the ways I say Thank you! To the place that I made home. When I was a growing up there was no clear evidence of Spoken Word Poetry in Tobago- Besides hearing the Marvelous words from Kleon McPherson or Crystal Skeete. As the years passed by (and with the hard work we put in), a major percentage of youths In Tobago are more confident in their works and ArtForms. No longer should we have to worry about the Tobago literary form dying out. Because of this, I've decided to create and Anthology to showcase the talents of youth in Tobago. I'm so happy to say that this project should be completed by December 2019 for everyone to read and experience the cultures and narratives of the flowers from Tobago's soil.

This Anthology is going to be for youth- by Youth. The Main goal is to have this book in all the Libraries of our Secondary Schools, as well as the blueprint for youths coming to Tobago and growing in Tobago. The content of this Anthology would have work from Tobagonians aged 12-22. There is no Topic for the work given so make it yours! 

Submission Info-

Official Submission Email:

Poets And Writers Literary Submissions:

  1.  Please send 1-3 poems in one Document with your Name, Age and Secondary School in the Body of the Email.

*If you need to send more than 3 poems, please compile in another document*

   2.  For essays and creative writing submissions, send content that has no more than 1000 words in a document that has your Name, Age and Secondary School in the Body of the Email.

Prose pieces should be formatted in 12 pt. Times New Roman, double-spaced.

Poems should be formatted in 12 pt. Times New Roman, single-spaced.

Attach your submission(s) to the email

Send your Email to

Expect to hear back from us anywhere from a few days to around 2 months regarding your submission's status. Please contact us if you have not received a response by this time frame.


Visual Arts Submissions

We Are accepting all Visual Arts of any medium.

  1. Must be in 2D, .jpeg Format-

  2. Submissions should be the highest quality possible.

  3. 3D format is accepted if it can be viewed in 2D format

Include your Name, Age and Secondary School in the body of your email

Attach your submission(s) to the email

Send your Email to



What If I'm not from Tobago?- The plan isn't to turn anybody away based on where they're from! But keep in mind that this book is a representation of the youths of Tobago. I'd encourage you to still send your work but Tobagonians have first preference! 

What If I don't fit the Age requirements?- if you are younger (or Older) than the age group (12-22) No worries! The anthology is focusing on students in Secondary School and those pursuing tertiary education. If you feel that your work belongs in the Anthology please send in a submission! 

Under 12- artists and creatives under the age of 12 must have their parents assistance to send an email . It must be the work of the youth and not the Parent!

How much times can I submit? - You can submit as much times as you please! Keep in mind that the more  content you send doesn't increase your changes of getting accepted! 

What happens after I submit?- The waiting game begins!  When Submissions are closed, please wait at least  one (1) month before You can get a response from the curators! You would be notified whether your submission was accepted (or not) and the steps moving forward in the publishing process.

Am I getting Paid?-  Good Question! Accepted Submissions would go through various steps before the anthology is published. When the book is published, the Contributor would have many perks! As of now, The submitter would receive a contributor's copy! 

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